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Pitch Friday

Mountain Hub, welcomes anyone with an interesting business idea/innovation to come and pitch their idea during Pitch Friday. Pitch Friday is an opportunity for innovators to present their ideas in an elevator pitch format to a closed audience of business mentors, entrepreneurs & investors. It takes place during the second and last Fridays of every month from 10.00am to 12.00am. Presenters get 5 minutes to pitch their ideas to an experienced panel. They also get an opportunity to join our startup venture programs and possibly secure financial and business advisory services from Mountain Hub.

If you are an entrepreneur with a fantastic business idea or product that is investment-ready, then we want to hear from you.

Click on the button below and fill out your application form.

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We want to make your search for startups and Investment ready businesses as easy as ordering pizza online. Register your interest here to be ahead of the competition.

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Pitch Masterclass

Successful businesses are built on great ideas, no matter how revolutionary the idea is, if you can’t sell it, you will definitely fail. As a founder you can bootstrap to launch your business, but to grow, you require huge capital injections in various forms. To raise capital you have to be able to pitch your solution.
Presenting a perfect Pitch worth attracting an investment has been a struggle that founders are challenged with. To Grow a startup you need investment and to get investments you need to clearly, effectively and convincingly  communicate your business to investors.
With a mission to fuel entrepreneurial growth, we introduced the Pitch Masterclass. Here, founders get the opportunity to learn first hand tips and tricks on how to present the Perfect Pitch from experienced entrepreneurs and other successful investors.
If you are a founder and you want potential partners and/or investors to buy into your idea, you need to sell it in a concise, explicit and exciting way to a floor of overconfident, seen-it-all financiers who might not know much about the technical complexities of that next big idea you’re certain to have found.
Today, pitching is an integral part of the entrepreneurial ecosystem and an inevitable hurdle on the road to financial sustainability and in order to be ahead of the curve we are calling on founders like you to participate in the Pitch Masterclass where you learn the nitty-gritty of delivering a convincing pitch.

Founders Bootcamp

The life of a founder is difficult. They are continually shuffling to keep them above water. Numerous choice points could be a defining moment in your startup journey, and the fate of your business hangs in the balance. In these times, mentoring, coaching, networking and access to resources are very valuable founders.

Founders need help in different aspects of their journey. From getting the right talent on board, tracking down the right financial investors, deciding your organization’s worth, and even establishing a foundation for your business.

Because we understand these struggles, we adopted Founders Bootcamp. This is a post Pitch Friday program for entrepreneurs that have passed through Pitch Friday and need support to learn about the key elements of turning an idea into a successful startup.

70% of founders owe their success to one form of mentorship, coaching, networking or the other. As a result of this, Mountain Hub’s Founder Bootcamp has as mission to empower young and middle-age founders to build disruptive startup companies by providing mentorship, networking, infrastructure and many more resources that will enable them build viable businesses.

You should subscribe to Founders Bootcamp only if you have you have attended Pitch Friday.

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Founder Wellness

Why Founder Well-being Matters?

The subject of founder well-being, both emotional and mental, is one that has gained awareness in the tech industry over the last several months. It’s a topic that’s becoming more commonplace in conversations between founders and investors. Having previously been an area many shied away from or regarded as fluffy, it’s increasingly clear that wellbeing is strongly linked to performance. Failure to address the topic has long-lasting repercussions.

At Mountain Hub, founder well-being is a core pillar of our Founder Network. We recognize that early on in the company’s life, founders are the most important asset to the company. Their vision is what secures the initial investment to enable them to bring the early version of the product to life. Their passion and vision is what attracts the founding team. Their ability to sell and persuade is what lands their first few customers. To say that they’re critical to the business would be an understatement. Yet for some reason founders tend not to prioritize themselves and the effect of this is reflected in the research by Courier’s.

How MountainHub Helps?

We are excited to announce the next element of our hub and portfolio services focused on improving founder wellness.

We understand on a very personal level how extremely difficult it is to be a founder. Mental health challenges are commonplace, and often pushed to the back corner, not to be discussed. Being a founder of a startup can be one of the loneliest and most mentally challenging undertakings in the world. Founders may feel like they can’t talk about these stressors with their Board or may feel like their partners, family, and non-founder friends will not understand the challenges they face.

If you ask a founder how they are doing, it’s not uncommon to hear “Great!” or “Killing it” or some other positive aphorism. Sometimes there is intense pressure to be positive, be a cheerleader, be a salesperson—for employees, investors, and customers. Paradoxically this can be harder when business IS great, since the pressure is on to keep doing better. But behind the scenes, we know that anxiety, burnout, sleep issues, and depression can be very real issues for startup founders. And, even if a founder isn’t experiencing these issues, there can still be the feeling of isolation and not knowing how to talk to about and work through that.

As a first step in a larger founder wellness offering, we have rolled out a stipend—separate from our investment in the companies we support–that our founders can use toward professional coaching. We have negotiated specific offerings with two large, well-respected mental health and wellness coaching organizations, Healthy Lifestyle Foundation and Nahlela Sanctuary. These organizations may not be right for all, so we have also assembled a list of coaches that work specifically with startups, and a guide to choosing a coach. We’ve additionally partnered with Healthy Lifestyle Foundation to offer “drop in” coaching for our founders and we are looking into Group Coaching as well as Wellness Talks, Retreats, Fitness Workouts, Book Club , and Movie Nights. We intend to devote a meaningful portion of time for our founder programs to mental health and wellness.

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CityHack is a weekly Hackathon event that brings together young talented College and University students and fresh graduates with skills and knowledge in software development, computer engineering, computer science, entrepreneurship, and graphic/UI/UX/product design, to compete over 12 hours in a bid to develop creative solutions to tough problems that exist in their Cities.

The Hackathon is designed to spark innovation, attract and educate new talent and create channels where new products and startups can spring from.

Does this sound like an event you want to sponsor? Download the CityHack Sponsorship Prospectus

Are you passionate about solving complex issues in your city? If Yes, Register for the CityHack Challenge

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Product Party

A monthly event that focuses on showcasing brands, products and services that need exposure and want to drive customer adoption quickly without having to deal with several intermediaries involved in product distribution. This social event gives room for product owners to emphasize a personal sales approach when engaging with customers to better understand their needs and create connections. This will help companies receive effective feedback and engage with their target customers and users for quicker and better product adoption.

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Green Day

Planet Earth is at Risk! Green Day is a monthly event that honors the achievements of the environmental movement and raises awareness of the need to protect Earth’s natural resources for future generations. Participation in Green Day takes many forms, including small home or community projects like planting a herb garden or picking up litter. People also volunteer to plant trees, join other ecological projects or take part in global warming awareness campaigns. We see Green Day as the leading light in the fight to combat climate change, raising awareness of environmental issues and providing a forum for people to get involved. Our survival depends on it.

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