Are you an established business professional, entrepreneur, or investor with some time on your hands? Do you want to play a bigger role in the exciting startup ecosystem? Do you want to make a tangible difference in the lives of entrepreneurs and their journeys?

Then, apply to become a mentor

in the Mountain Hub Growth Mentor Program.

‘Growth Mentor’ is one of Mountain Hub’s approaches to creating value for startup ecosystems around the world. It’s about finding and supporting motivated and experienced professionals like you to share the knowledge, experience, and network you’ve acquired over your career with promising entrepreneurs through the Mountain Hub Mentorship Office Hours. As you support your mentee on his/her entrepreneurial journey, you get keen insights into the local startup ecosystem and hone your own mentoring, business & leadership skills.

This program aims to boost the ability of business men, women, and youths in business as a high-powered mentor through the Mountain Hub Growth Mentor framework. You and selected fellow business leaders will receive expert guidance, training, and hands-on expert sessions around mentoring, and join interactive discussions on topics like mentoring founders for fundraising, corporate partnership building, and angel investing all through the comprehensive framework facilitated by fellow experts.

Every year, the Growth Mentor program is fully expert-led and focused on bossing experienced and aspiring mentors and investors. One potential reason is the limited representation of women in key roles in investment funds, angel networks, entrepreneur support organizations (ESOs), and mentor networks.

Program Perks

What you’ll get out of it:

Attend expert-led sessions on essential mentorship and startup-related topics.

A mentorship guide and online training materials.

Access peer-to-peer learning through expert discussions, group sessions, and networking opportunities.

Get matched with Africa-based founders with mentorship needs through Mountain Hub Founders Network.

Access partner organizations’ demo days and invite-only events like Pitch Friday.

You will also get complimentary access to major startups’ and partners’ events.

What We Expect From You

The program is open to experienced and aspiring business mentors from African countries or those with strong ties with – an interest in the continent. The only thing you need to invest during the program is 4-5 hours per month of your valuable time and knowledge!

Selection Criteria:

You are based in Africa or closely affiliated with the continent.

You are a senior business professional, entrepreneur, and/or investor with 10+ years of experience.

You are interested in the startup ecosystem and keen to support startup companies.

You can attend Mountain Hub’s Growth Mentor Virtual online bootcamp sessions and expert sessions happening approximately 3 times every year (each session is approx. 1-1.5 hours).

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