Raise $50k to $30m

with Mountain Hub

Here’s how:

1. Get investor fit

When raising funds, the pitch is never the place to discover that potential investors feel your financials are hazy and your deck is weak. Fundraising strategic plans, forecasting and valuation: we’ll help ensure your figures are robust and your presentation strong to meet your fundraising goals.

2. Find Investors

Investors expect a lot before they release their money. Robust figures. Water-tight answers. A business and a CEO they can believe in. But you should have high expectations too – that your investor is the right partner for you and your business. With our years of experience, we’ll help you build a campaign to bring perfectly-matched partners together.

3. Get crowdfunding fit

Everyone’s crowdfunding. That makes it a potentially powerful source of funding, but you’re swimming in a very large pool. How do you stand out? Make sure you get help from the best crowdfunding consultants. From the financials to the marketing strategy to creating a story that sells, we’ll help you run a successful campaign.

Why Mountain Hub?

The fundraising pitch can be a lonely place. That’s especially the case when you discover your proposition isn’t as powerful as you thought it was and your financials are being ripped apart by savvy investors.

Mountain Hub knows to fundraise. We’re veterans of securing startup and growth investment across a wide range of sectors. We’ve secured millions of pounds (and dollars) worth of investment from multiple fundraising rounds. We can do the same for you.

For startups at the late seed to Series A+ stage, when you’re preparing to face your potential investors, take us with you.

Smart Capital

Raise capital from the right investors with our specialized expertise.

How We Work

01. Done with you

Our most economical model. A low-touch approach where we Analyze and Support the execution


02. Done for you

Our ‘Let’s Go’ Model is where we take care of just about everything. We Analyze, Support, and Execute


03. Subscription

Our most integrated model working as a full extension to your team on open-ended or midterm projects


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