AfriLabs was founded in 2011 to build a community around rapidly emerging tech hubs―innovation spaces that serve as meeting points and communities for developers, entrepreneurs, and investors.

With a goal to stimulate economic growth, it was in this light that AfriLabs came up with The AfriLabs Annual Gathering.

The AfriLabs Annual Gathering is AfriLabs’ flagship event that provides a unique opportunity for tech hubs within the AfriLabs network and other stakeholders of the African technology and innovation ecosystem to convene, network, learn and share knowledge.

Being the largest convention of brilliant African innovation hub leaders and ecosystem builders on the continent, the AfriLabs Annual Gathering has Over the years served as an avenue where all actors in the innovation community ranging from hubs, startups, academia, investors, corporates and development agencies come together to understand various perspectives across several sectors.

This year, the event is stationed to hold from Wednesday the 26th to Friday the 28th of October 2022. This 7th edition of the AfriLabs Annual Gathering is themed “Intra-Africa Connectivity, Collaboration and Innovation” and will be hosted by AfriLabs Member Hubs in Lusaka, Zambia.

“The Gathering this year focuses on the innate ability of Africa to build Africa. We want to look inward and interrogate how we can scale the innovation economy regionally and across the continent. We want to explore ways we can improve innovation support and tackle our well-known challenges.” said Moetaz Helmy, the AfriLabs Board Chair, at a press briefing in Lusaka, the Zambian capital.

This year’s edition of the AfriLabs Annual Gathering 2022 which will take place in Lusaka, aims to attract hundreds of delegates from all African Countries and the diaspora. bringing together different leaders in Africa from government officials to business executives, hub managers, decision-makers, innovators, and startups.

The Annual Gathering is dedicated to uplifting Africa by relentlessly testing and trying solutions that will enhance resilience in resource utilization and leadership.

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