Mountain Hub is excited to announce to the general public that Aerospace Baby Project Wins a cash Prize of $150 for best Pitch of the Event.

Today, 24th February marked this years’ beginning of Mountain Hub’s Flagship Event, Pitch Friday Season 2 which was proudly Sponsored by Mountain Angel Network- An investment Arm aimed at accelerating the availability of early stage capital and entrepreneurial support to young men and women with great ideas, to help them transform these ideas into thriving businesses in Africa.

This 1st Edition recorded a total number of 15 applications of startup founders and only 03 were selected for the Pitch Event after proper scrutiny. These startups were; FoodyDash, VoC, and Aerospace Baby Project.

Before we proceed, we want to equally share with you that as a pre-activity in preparations to the big Pitch Friday event we organised a Pitch Masterclass a week before today’s Pitch event. This Pitch Masterclass will be a tradition that will be geared towards preparing founders for Pitch Friday on how to better present and Pitch their business ideas in less than Five Minutes.

The event began with an introduction of the host and the sponsor which was done by the Pitch Friday Event coordinator. Followed suit was the introduction of the Jury Members who featured Martin Fongoh – an experienced entrepreneur and also founder of Digital Renter, a real estate startup. We equally had as Jury Member, Che Herbert, – Mentor and Senior Project Manager at Mountain Hub.

With that, we jumped right away into the Pitching event.

Let’s Discover Startups on Pitch Friday Today!

VoC – Voice of Customer.

Founded by Berinyuy Cletus a student Web developer, VoC is a review/sentiment analysis platform where users are able to find a particular product or service and it’s average rating and reviews and testimonials submitted by other consumers of that product/service and also able to submit their own reviews/testimonial.

According to young founder who is still at the ideation stage of his business, he believes VoC will serve as platform where users can get authentic info about a product/service such as – when it was created -how long it has been existing -Location and some other important details.

Being a platform which uses Natural Language Processing technology to understand how the customer feels, VoC offers a range of reasons and advantages of using their services which includes; improved Sales, brand monitoring and retaining customers. To add, the platform will Help in knowing how a customer feels about a product/service thus Influencing purchasing decisions and a lot more.

Cletus as a founder came to Pitch Friday asking for Investment, Mentorship, Feedback and Idea Validation for his business.

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Aerospace Baby Project.

The goal of Aerospace Baby Project is to break the stereotype surrounding the aerospace industry in Cameroon/Africa by building a resilient and sustainable community of individuals who are passionate about the space industry and can foster development through science, space technologies, and innovations inline with the UN’s sustainable development goals.

Harry Tabi, Project Lead of Aerospace Baby Project, outlined the problem they are solving which is a Lack of education and resources in the space technologies for earth application industry in developing nations.

As solution to this problem Aerospace Baby Project wants to create a space for educational services to be delivered to classrooms across Cameroon and to kids who do not have access to information and resources that make way for the interest in the space field. “Our space education program can be tailored to be delivered by trained individuals, where demanded or the sale of kits and materials to schools who would like to incorporate space/astronomy education into their programs.” Harry added.

Aerospace Baby Project came to Pitch Friday in order to create Awareness, Source Investment, Feedback and Mentorship.

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FoodyDash provides an online platform that enables busy but hungry individuals to order food effectively from their favorite restaurant and get delivered to them under 20 – 30 minutes.

Having as primary target market- Restaurants, and secondary target market-Professional Workers, FoodyDash market adoption strategy is to partner with top restaurants and other delivery agencies to offer the best services to their customers.

Though being in a saturated market, FoodyDash believes it can make a significant change in the industry and are looking for an Investment of $15.000 which will be used for Marketing and advertising, Operations Cost and Hiring of personnel.

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We Move!

To determine today’s Winner among the 3 entrepreneurs, the Judges evaluated and chose a winner based on the following 5 criteria which are; TEAM, MARKET VALIDATION, PRODUCT, BUSINESS MODEL and SOFT SKILLS.

The End!

After Pitching sessions, Question and Answer sessions, and feedback from both the audience and the Jury, participants realized they still had a lot of work and Market research to be done. The 2 hours event ended with snacks and networking.

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