As the leading grassroots entrepreneurship program in Silicon Mountain, Pitch Friday is an event powered by Mountain Hub that helps entrepreneurs and investors succeed. Founded in 2022 Pitch Friday began with three ideas – facilitating investments between entrepreneurs and investors , building the art of selling in entrepreneurs and showcasing local solutions for a sustainable digital economy. 

Mountain Hub in  its vision understood that for  an entrepreneur to build a business from an idea to a successful business, they must learn and master the skills of sales, persuasion, and negotiation and learn how to adapt to rejection, failures, and actual market realities. These are realities that are not being taught in schools but Pitch Friday came in order to breach the gap.

Drawing over 2000+ participants locally and internationally,  Pitch Friday is that event where entrepreneurs pitch or sell their ideas or business to an audience of users and investors; they get blunt and honest feedback and direction on how to be better. They also benefit from mentorship, funding, and all the right tools to take their idea from a startup to a thriving business.

Having held 23 successful editions attracting startups and entrepreneurs in diverse fields,the recent Pitch Friday event participant, Trivia Ninja emerged as one of the winners of the just ended Silicon Mountain Conference Pitch Contest which took place on day 2 of the conference at Activespaces Hub.

The Pitch contest received over 30 applications and only 10 contestants were selected to pitch their ideas before 4 distinct Jury members with high portfolios and a wealth of experience in entrepreneurship. The jury  was composed of Mr Paul Mbua, CEO and Founder of the Zixtech Hub, Eposi Frida, Founder of Data Girls Technology, Fotabe Elmine Doctor of Business administration at EMAS and Mr Effansa Simon CEO and Founder of AkwaJobs. 

The Trivia Ninja App was nominated 3rd place winner for the best Pitch of the Silicon Mountain Conference Pitch Contest with a cash prize of $200 after Traelor and E-Mentor startups who emerged first and second winners respectively. 

You may want to check the Trivia Ninja app on google play store using the link below

It is with this victory that we understand that Pitch Friday is effectively serving its purpose, that of actively shaping  the future of well-structured, thriving, and self-sustaining businesses and communities that provide jobs and comfortable living conditions for its citizens.

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