Tech is no longer the Next big thing; it is the big thing already.

Cameroon occupies a strategic geographical position for technology innovation in Central and West Africa and one of it’s annual flagship tech event is the Silicon Mountain Conference. This conference is held and organised by Cameroon’s biggest tech community; The Silicon Mountain.

The Silicon Mountain is the burgeoning tech ecosystem in Fako Division of Cameroon with epicentre in Buea. The term is a play (phrasal portmanteau) on Silicon Valley and Mount Fako (which is the most dominant feature of Cameroon’s topography and the highest geographical point in West and Central Africa). Home to a plethora of creatives, techies and the fast-growing startups in Cameroon, the Silicon Mountain is arguably the most innovative community in Cameroon.

Attracting over 1 billion francs in revenue into the Cameroonian Economy with over 200+ Startups & Enterprises, each year, members of the Silicon Mountain community organise this conference to consult, network, exchange ideas, showcase products/services, meet stakeholders/investors and discuss possible solutions to common challenges.

While the conference has its roots from the techies in the community, the Silicon Mountain Conference has grown to be a more inclusive community and has over the years been labelled by many as the biggest tech rally in both Cameroon and Central Africa.

This year again the Silicon Mountain Conference comes in grand style and is set to be a 3 days conference to begin on November 10th to November 12th.

With the goal of showcasing entrepreneurs and their innovative solutions, the conference this year has as theme ” local solutions for a sustainable digital economy”.

The conference will feature several programmes and activities, among which are: panel discussions, coding sessions, workshops, exhibitions, pitch contest and a lot more.

Day one of the conference will kick-start with a sports walk as the tradition has always been and an official press conference will be held. Day two of the conference will take place in Mountain Hub who is the Event host of the year, Jongo Hub and Activespaces Hub simultaneously.

Activities taking place in these hubs will mainly consist of panel discussions, exhibitions, workshops, and contests.

Day 3 which is the D-Day will take place at Chariot Hotel, Buea.

Bringing Cameroonian tech geniuses from across the world will help the Silicon Mountain Community showcase what they have been doing and equally provide the opportunity for community members to address some challenges facing the tech industry in the country.

Registeration for the event is currently open and for more info about Silicon Mountain and the Silicon Mountain Conference visit the website at

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