The D4D Hub lives through its partners. The European Union has embarked on a path to embrace a fair, inclusive and green digital transformation worldwide—inaugurating a new era for global digital cooperation through the D4D Hub.

The Human-centric approach of the D4D Hub puts people at the heart of the digital transformation – it is driven by people’s needs, fundamental rights and intersectional challenges to closing the digital divides. It aims to foster inclusive digital economies societies in which all citizens – notably women and young people – have equal opportunities to participate in the digital world.

The private sector voice in human-centric digital transformation

As a platform for coordination of digital transformation initiatives, the D4D Hub doesn’t only work with EU institutions and Member States. The private sector is first in line to promote a values-based digital transformation. ICT businesses and associations are crucial partners to jointly foster sustainable, responsible and inclusive digital economy investments in all of Europe’s partner countries. To include this important stakeholder group into the D4D Hub’s decision-making, the Private Sector Advisory Group (PSAG) was launched in April 2022.

The Private Sector Advisory Group in a nutshell

The PSAG is a consultative body integrated into the internal D4D Hub structure. It is designed to improve the dialogue among key stakeholders around bottlenecks, challenges and solutions in digital transformation. The Advisory Group will enable co-creation as well as generation of high-impact partnerships and interventions. In a first step, quarterly meetings of the PSAG will foster exchanges to identify opportunities for public-private partnerships in Africa, Latin America & the Caribbean, and Asia-Pacific.

What are the benefits for members?

  • Contribute to more business-friendly policy and regulation
  • Identify new business opportunities in partner regions
  • Foster win-win public private partnerships for scaled impact
  • Exchange best practices in human-centric digital transformation
  • … and many more!

Who can become a member?

  • Enterprises active in the digital sector (startups, SMEs, large corporations) and business associations which agree with a values-based (human-centric, sustainable, inclusive) approach to digital transformation
  • From Europe and its parnter countries in Africa, Latin America & the Caribbean, Central Asian as well as ASEAN countries
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