Friday, July 28th, was an eventful day at Mountain Hub in Yaounde as entrepreneurs, investors, business experts, and an enthusiastic audience gathered for the monthly Pitch Friday event. This edition, sponsored by Mountain Angel Network, showcased six promising startups vying for recognition and support. Let’s dive into the captivating presentations and discover the winning startup that stole the show.

First, MONET is a groundbreaking platform that connects investors with innovative projects, allowing them to provide financial support or necessary materials for project development. This initiative offers a great opportunity for entrepreneurs to secure the funding or resources needed to bring their ideas to life.

ASQCHAT, is an online platform, focuses on academic support. It provides a platform for students to connect with other students and teachers to seek answers to their academic problems. Additionally, ASQCHAT offers the convenience of home teachers for students upon parents’ request.

MAISONIER is a startup that startup empowering real estate agents, landlords and hotels, allowing them to post their available properties for rent. Maisonier also offers a property management service. This service has already been introduced to the public, providing a convenient way for individuals to find suitable accommodations.

ASG (Academic Success Group) is an academic-oriented startup, that aims to support students academically. However, ASG differentiates itself by selling school materials, such as textbooks authorized by the ministries in charge of education, brochures, and 

pamphlets online in order to make these manuals available to all. Students can purchase these materials in soft or hard copies based on their preferences.

FREEMOPAY is an online banking startup that facilitates all transactions through digital means. It aims to tackle the challenge of distance and limited access to traditional banks. It is an online bank that enables individuals to carry out transactions, access their accounts, and receive salaries or make investments through smartphones or USSD codes. This innovative solution ensures that people located far away from physical banks can easily access their finances.

Lastly, PHOENIX focuses on empowering internally displaced people (IDPs) by providing training programs that enable them to produce their own products. The company also assists in marketing these products through various distribution channels, such as petrol stations and supermarkets. This gives trainees a chance to generate income and improve their livelihoods and become self-sufficient.

The Winner:

After an intriguing series of presentations, the award for the best pitch, with a prize of $150, was bestowed upon MAISONIER for their outstanding pitch. Congratulations to them for their achievement!

Looking ahead: 

Pitch Friday is an inclusive event, organize every second Friday of the month in Buea and every last Friday of the month in Yaounde. This event aims to provide a platform for aspiring entrepreneurs, enabling them to pitch their ideas and receive valuable feedback and networking opportunities.  The next edition of Pitch Friday is coming up on the 11th of August in Buea. Interested in Participating ? Apply Here!!

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