It’s Friday July 14th and funnily, today is the National French Fry Day, but we are not here to talk about this.

Today at Mountain Hub we had the 10th Edition of Pitch Friday in Buea which was sponsored by Tekcitadel Innovation.

On this edition, we had 4 startups who pitched; WaziEats, FIXAM, CODEC, and Bohikor.

Pitch Friday kicked off at 10:34 A.M. with WaziEats.

WaziEats is a food delivery startup. WaziEats specializes in upgrading African’s quality of life through innovative solutions in the food delivery industry. Their objective is to increase the number of people of the sub-Saharan region who are connected and use digital solutions within the next 5 years. They are also committed to the respect of our environment and to the reduction of pollution hence they make use of green material and green energy at terms. To reduce energy consumption, WaziEats ensures that the meals travel in isothermal bags to keep them hot and ready to eat by the customer.It looks to operate in 3 cities in every country in Africa. They’ve been existing now for three years, but have since this current year (2023) been most engaged in roll-out activities.

Next On was FIXAM. FIXAM is an on demand platform where people can connect to get their electronics gadget/devices repaired by professional or certified technicians within the shortest possible time and at a good rate. At your convenience, for a good price, FIXAM would connect you to the best electrical repair options around you. In good time, top quality and quick delivery.

Moving forward was CODEC. In 4 months, they have hosted over 500 users. CODEC Hosting has amongst other things, identified customer support, online payment issues, and technological defects as major challenges to hosting services in Cameroon. Through CODEC Hosting, they intend to make a difference.

Lastly, Bohikor. Bohikor is a budgeting and early wage on demand platform. With Bohikor, you can Leverage on early wage, Keep taps on your expenses, understand and control your personal finance. Bohikor seeks to change the invisible rules of money and how people are paid. They are not just creating a payment platform that changes the old rules about payday, They are creating a solution that ensures everyone is treated equally, fairly and is on a level playing field. Bohikor is working to accommodate a market of millions of employees and employers across Africa, who seek to give or receive an early wage.

After 4 hours of pitching and exchange between the pitching start-ups, judges and the audience, Wazieats emerged as winner of this edition of Pitch Friday at Mountain Hub, Buea. These startups were evaluated based on the innovation, market opportunity, scalability and team.

We wrapped up Pitch Friday, July 14 2023, with some slices of cake accompanied by tea and coffee. They were tasty and crispy. The ingredients were on point.

Mountain Hub and the entire Pitch Friday team is grateful to TekCitadel Innovation for their timely sponsorship.

Interested in Pitching your startup/business idea? Our Next edition will be happening in Yaounde on the 28th of July. Apply Here!

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