In many parts of the world, building a venture can be challenging. However, in Africa, entrepreneurship represents a new frontier altogether, with its complex problems and a multitude of challenges. That is where Mountain Hub comes in. As the number one Technology and Innovation Hub in Cameroon, we are empowering and supporting startups that have the potential to make significant contributions to Africa’s economy and positive social change through our recently launched Venture Studio called “SprintUp”.

SprintUp is designed to provide startups across Africa with a supportive and collaborative environment. Offering access to funding, personalized mentorship and guidance, legal support, and resources, this program empowers startups with the tools they need to thrive in Africa’s dynamic business landscape. Our experienced team of venture builders, investors and industry experts dedicate themselves to building and investing in the ventures we take in.

In the bid to build thriving Unicorns in Africa, we have successfully admitted 10 high growth startups in our Venture Studio which we will deliberately and consciously work hand in gloves with through out their startup journey. These Startups are;

  1. AFTAWALLET. – AftaWallet is developing a crypto wallet to help Africans traveling across Africa to access any local currency or Forex in any African country via a simplified chat bot, faster, securely and cheaper than conventional Forex bureau or third party individual.
  2. MAUTOLINK. – Mautolink is developing an automobile management platform and Mobile app to help car owners and users to timely and easily source and purchase auto repair and maintenance services, products and roadside assistance from a growing network of more than 3000 service providers within Cameroon and the Central Africa sub region.
  3. CLIQKETS. – Cliqkets is developing a web/mobile platform to help event attendees easily find verified events nearby with a 100% refund policy; provide event organizers with digital tools and access to vetted event gig workers to boost visibility, sales and operations optimization.
  4. BOHIKOR. – Bohikor is developing a personal financial management platform to help individuals and small businesses across Africa who are underserved and excluded from the formal financial system with a comprehensive, user-friendly financial wellness and early wage access platform that is reimagining access to financial services in Africa. The platform comprises a range of features that promote financial inclusivity and empowerment, including budgeting and saving tools, credit facilities, educational resources, and early wage access solutions.
  5. ALEIGRO – Aleigro is developing a next-generation digital marketplace that provides SMEs with the infrastructural needs to seamlessly connect with buyers, effortlessly operate and scale their businesses across Africa, and to build a meaningful customer experience in today’s technology driven world.
  6. KAMERLINGUA. – Kamerlingua, is developing a subscription-based mobile app with curated on-demand digital content in various African languages, enabling persons who seek to reconnect with or reinforce their African heritage to access varied content and learn how to read, write and speak an African Language of their choice.
  7. FREEMOPAY. – Freemopay is an innovative mobile application that aims to enable all payment platforms in Cameroon to work seamlessly together. This app provides users with the ability to send money to others who use different payment methods, all from their mobile or bank accounts. Additionally, Freemopay facilitates the purchase of Camtel Data and mobile credit, making it easy and convenient to manage communication expenses.
  8. HELDIS. – HELDIS is a startup that provides a mobile application to improve student safety and monitoring in schools. This application offers features such as real-time updates on attendance and student behavior, as well as communication tools to promote effective collaboration between parents, teachers, and administrators.
  9. TREMA. – My company, Trema is developing a waste management system to help house hold individuals and small, medium or large enterprises properly manage and discard their waste with timely collection of their waste and sensitization on the importance of proper waste management and disposal.
  10. EEFATECH. – EEFATECH is developing a Smart Box Device and a Digital Marketplace for electricians, electronic spare parts suppliers and electronic technicians to help offices and Homes control their equipment remotely and easily get quality solutions to all their electrical and electronic problems with the help of AI, IoT and emerging technologies.

Mountain Hub is committed to fostering entrepreneurship and innovation across Africa. By providing startups with access to mentorship, guidance, resources and financial support, we are empowering the next generation of innovators to create real change in the world. Our Venture Studio program serves as a stepping stone for startups to thrive in Africa’s dynamic business landscape. With Mountain Hub, entrepreneurs can make their dreams a reality while creating a better future for Africa

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